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The 'Money Course' is a free course and is open to anyone who  wants to gain a practical and biblical perspective on managing their finances. The course will cover areas such as budgeting, debt management and current attitudes towards money. It's a 3 week course that will run on a set weekday evening. Check back for dates of our next course. To register your interest in this free course, please fill in the form below.

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"Before I did the money course I reguarly used my savings account as a buffer and topped my account up if I'd spent too much. I now have a better overview of my money and I'm 

saving up for a deposit for a house."


"The money course is a fantastic program that allowed me to evaluate my finances, spending and saving habits and manage them in a more thoughtful manner. The course is well taught and the resources are excellent, meaning anyone in any stage of life can take away new skills or understanding of finances from the course. Taking the course in the months before our marriage really helped me and my wife to prepare for sharing finances, planning expenditure and working out a saving plan. I would especially recommend this course to couples heading towards marriage."

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