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 Life Group Notes 
08-07-18: Matt Warren: Love one Another
01-07-18: Stan Warren: The Prayer of Thanksgiving
24-06-18: Joe Warren:The Lord's Prayer
17-06-18: Derick Wiesner: The Fathers Great & Unconditional Love
03-06-18: Stan Warren Sunday: The Prayer of Hezekiah
27-05-18: Steph Knight: The Prayer of Daniel
20-05-18: Luke Morgan: The Prayer of Moses
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 Family Devotional 
01-07-18 - Chatting with God - Daily bread
24-06-18 - Chatting with God - He's the king!
17-06-18 - Chatting with God - Adoring Him
03-06-18 - I am - the true vine
27-05-18 - I am - the way, the truth and the life
20-05-18 - I am - the ressurection and the life
13-05-18 - I am - the good shepherd
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